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Believe in Balance

Knowing who you are in a world of chaos is a difficult challenge. It’s easy to start swaying in the wind like a field of sunflowers in a tornado. It can seem like it has to be one or the other… left or right, black or white, yes or no, sad or happy, the narrative that duality doesn’t or can’t exist has created a great divide. And we believe it; live it out loud on social media, in the super market, and in the way we treat one another. Right or wrong?  I rarely promote this narrative or believe completely in one or the other. I do have a Yin and Yang tattoo on my neck; the first and most recognized symbol of the existence of duality in all things. But in the case that duality DOESN’T exist, it’s absolutely false. Hypocrisy at its best, I know. Ever since we’ve proven that it’s not nature vs nurture it’s a combination of both, everything else should have followed. The Titanic didn’t sink just because it hit an iceberg. People don’t die by suicide just because their sad, or mental illness, or any one single reason. Addiction doesn’t exist simply because of genetics. All the difficult and tragic things we experience in this life are the result of complicated circumstances. Life is a complicated circumstance.  On the journey of life, you can be on both sides of the street still going in the right direction. Duality DOES exist. In all things. The only answer to that very truth is “True!” In fact, feeling it all, believing in both, and seeing situations as complicated circumstances with no one real reason is more realistic than a narrative created to divide. If you’re feeling the pressure to pick a side, pause. Remember there are two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in the middle. As for me, I am… A Christian who is an active LGBTQIA+ Ally A Woman who is Pro-Choice who did not choose Abortion A Mom who is Pro-Vaccine and promotes Holistic Health Care A Suicide Loss Survivor who despises the words Zero Suicide  A Counselor who believes Talking doesn’t fix everything A Fitness Instructor who believes Healthy Eating has a bigger impact  A Public Speaker who believes Listening is more important A White Person who supports Black Lives A Protester who supports Law Enforcement A Voter who believes the Government is corrupt  A Widow who has Joy Just like snowflakes and fingerprints, each human and their circumstance is unique. We can’t paint roses and rainbows for everyone with the same brush. If you want to stand strong, ground your belief in BALANCE. Dump the idea that duality doesn’t exist. Drive on both sides of the road to go in the “right” direction.