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eMOTION Mind-Body

Emotions need Motion

If you are coping with symptoms of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and/or grief, movement is a necessary part of your recovery and healing. Our eMOTION support services help you “move” through emotions. Donation based classes that can relieve the symptoms of emotional distress.

eMOTION YOGA Group Classes

Trauma-Focused Yoga designed to heal the mind, body, and soul

This yoga practice is for any level including those who have never attended a class. It is a yoga practice specifically designed to tap into our bodies natural ability to heal. By focusing on the parasympathetic nervous system throughout this practice, we can calm the trauma response related to complex trauma and symptoms related to PTSD. TFY has been identified as an evidenced-based, adjunctive treatment per the Center of Trauma and Embodiment.

Mindful Meditation

Meditation based on the elements of Mindfulness. The benefits of meditation include reducing anxiety, depression, symptoms related to PTSD, and chronic pain. All eMOTION classes incorporate a mindfulness and meditation component. We do offer strictly meditation classes as well as individual and small group sessions.

Private Yoga Sessions

Private individual or small group sessions are available upon request. Yoga and mindful meditation tailored to your specific needs with a focus on emotional recovery and healing. For those wanting a more specialized service or wanting something different from their practice.

Therapeutic Drumming

Drumming has been studied to reduce stress and anxiety, symptoms of chronic pain, and clear emotional blockages caused by trauma as a result of the bi-lateral movement involved. No experience or musical ability required. Classes provide a healthy outlet for emotional pain, while creating a sense of belonging through community.

Expressive Arts

We host a variety of art and expressive art professionals to teach a variety of classes providing a healthy outlet for emotional healing. No experience is ever necessary. An open mind and open heart is enough to open the door to hope for healing.