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The Hope and Healing Center’s Mission

We are proud to say that we are Stark County’s only facility dedicated to trauma focused support for traumatic loss survivors; providing hope for healing by creating a community through compassionate care. We’re here for you

What is Traumatic Loss

What is Traumatic Loss?

Traumatic loss refers to the sudden, unexpected, and/or violent death of a loved one under potentially traumatizing circumstances. Examples include losses due to suicide, homicide, accidents, drug overdose, natural disasters including the Covid-19 pandemic, and losses resulting from war and terror.


What makes the grief of a traumatic loss different?

Traumatic loss is more than just grief. Survivors of traumatic loss often have high levels of trauma. Trauma that often goes undiagnosed, untreated. Trauma that makes grief complicated. All things making the journey toward healing, complicated. Without support, some may never find healing.

Symptoms of complicated grief from traumatic loss vs. common grief

In addition to the typical mental, emotional, physical and behavioral reactions of common grief like shock, anger, sadness, and guilt, a person with complicated grief from a traumatic loss can experience persistent and prolonged implications. Depressive symptoms, and lack of trust in others leading to detachment, isolation, and extreme loneliness, which can even result in thoughts of suicide need addressed