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The Vision of The HHC

We are proud to say that we are Stark County’s only facility dedicated to trauma- focused support for traumatic loss survivors; providing hope for healing by creating a community through compassionate care.

Symptoms of Complicated Grief

In addition to the typical mental, emotional, physical and behavioral reactions of common grief like shock, anger, sadness, and guilt, a person with complicated grief from a traumatic loss can experience persistent and prolonged implications. Depressive symptoms, and lack of trust in others leading to detachment, isolation, and extreme loneliness, which can even result in thoughts of suicide need addressed

Mourning Mentors Peer Support

At The Hope and Healing Center we believe that grief and mourning are a natural process that doesn’t need to be fixed. We use Family and Peer Support Specialists with similar lived experiences to support loss survivors. Our Mourning Mentors are trained in the Companioning Model® developed by Dr. Alan Wolfet. We also link with our Community Clinical Partners to refer individuals for clinical services as necessary.