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We are a trauma focused support system for survivors of suicide and other traumatic loss. Traumatic loss can include suicide, drug overdose, accidents, homicide, natural disasters, the Covid-19 pandemic, and losses due to war and terror.  Our mission is to provide hope for healing through education, resources, and free support services.  At The Hope & Healing Center, we are creating a community through compassionate care. Contact us today. We are here for you! 

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TONIGHT at 6:30! If your job exposes you to loss and grief, and you are looking for support, this is the group for you. Come, chat, and connect with others who truly understand.

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We are lucky to have Mobile Response in Stark County! If you or someone you know is struggling and you want help to come to YOU… call this number!!

Pick me 🙋🏻 ‍Pick me 🙋🏻 ‍Choose Light after Loss as your birthday fundraiser on FB. We are closing in on $5,000 for 2022!! Let’s see if we can beat it in 2023! 💰💴 💵

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Scott Hajba started crying as his bike rolled to a stop. I didn’t know if it was from exhaustion or relief. He said that what he did was the hardest thing he’s ever done, but can’t even imagine having to get up and do something that emotionally, mentally, and physically demanding again ...tomorrow, and the next day, and…

1,419 brand new suicide loss survivors every day due to the 132 people who lose hope and succumb to the darkness. 1,419 devasted individuals left in that darkness trying to emotionally, mentally, and physically find the light again, and again, and…

Scott is not a suicide loss survivor. Yet, he wanted to ride today for a whole lot of reasons. But to show me, my girls, and every other suicide loss survivor that there’s not anything he wouldn’t do to show support for those left behind is beyond what I can even iterate
#SupportSurvivors #beascott

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