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We are a trauma focused support system for survivors of suicide and other traumatic loss. Traumatic loss can include suicide, drug overdose, accidents, homicide, natural disasters, the Covid-19 pandemic, and losses due to war and terror.  Our mission is to provide hope for healing through education, resources, and free support services.  At The Hope & Healing Center, we are creating a community through compassionate care. Contact us today. We are here for you! 

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Surviving the Unimaginable

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As a society, we are death avoidant and griephobic. Yet it’s the one thing we all have in common. We will pour toxic positivity on everything to avoid feeling that even funerals are more popularly becoming Celebrations of Life. I ain’t doin’ it! Imma cry for you cuz I loved you!

FREE in-person support opportunities through the 19th. We are here for you! Got questions? Call or text us at 330-846-3630 or email #traumaticgrief #suicideloss #starkcounty

Have you or someone you know lost someone unexpectedly? The trauma of sudden loss complicates the grief process, but you're not alone. We are #survivorssupportingsurvivors
TLC Grief Group meets the 1st Monday of every month!

June through September is our Summer Schedule!!
Some things, like Ross and Rachel, are on a break…
*Make & Take
*Virtual Groups
Always be sure to check our most up to date calendar on our website:

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Go to for a list of all the amazing resources in Stark County including Light after Loss @The Hope and Healing Center!

Give yourself credit for how far you've come in your grief journey! Every baby step means more than you realize! 💛🌻 #traumaticgriefsupport #onedayatatime

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