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Teresa (Sibila) Grosswiler

General Board Member


Teresa (Sibila) Grosswiler is a General Board Member and our Marketing Committee Chairperson. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism with a specialty in Public Relations.  She owned and operated Image Solutions, an ad, marketing and PR business from her home office for 18 years before pausing her career to take care of family. Here is her story:


I am a lifelong resident of Massillon. My first experience with community service began as a girl scout in grade school and then again as a student at Central Catholic High School. In addition, I would visit the residents in the nursing home where one of my sisters worked. I also participated in helping their activities department, including bringing my pet rabbit out for pet show visits!  I quickly learned the value, for them and for me, of brightening someone’s day!


My journey with Light after Loss began roughly 6 months after losing my 21 year old son, Drew, to suicide in November of 2019.  My husband and daughter and I were fortunate to have the love and support of many family and friends, but I had a sense that I needed more. The first time I met with Shannon Ortiz, the connection I felt to someone who could listen so fully and make me feel validated as I unburdened my heavy heart and mind was like no other. It was therapeutic and healing. She had “been there”, so she truly understood. I felt a shift to hope and healing. A light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I had never thought of myself as a “support group kind of person”, a few months later I gave it a try and have been going ever since. I can say, without a doubt, I would not be as far along on my grief journey without the resources and support from Shannon and our Light after Loss community. In mid 2021 I felt the need to give back and give a purpose to this unimaginable pain of losing my firstborn child. I knew at that point I still wasn’t quite ready to run a support group, so I offered to help with marketing. I also wanted to honor Drew, who was known for his big beautiful smile, the best hugs, his own brand of humor, believing in the underdog and willingness to help people in all kinds of ways. You see, Drew was a high functioning person on the autism spectrum. For over a decade after his late diagnosis, we struggled together to find all the support he needed. It was disheartening that there were so few resources in this community to help us navigate that unexpected and difficult road.  So to say that I feel blessed that an organization like Light after Loss is right in my community is an understatement. My service to Light after Loss is different then my other volunteer experiences; but I feel honored to be a part of providing that same hope for healing that Shannon gave me as we all navigate this mental and emotional rollercoaster ride as suicide loss survivors.

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