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Scott Hajba

Scott is a General Board Member and Chair of the Building and Facilities Committee at Light After Loss. He obtained his Associates Degree in Police Science, which led to being the Director of Security for the Richard E. Jacobs Group and Professional Security Consultants at Wausau Venter Mall and Belden Village Mall for 21 years. He currently works part time as a Building Supervisor at The Paul & Carol David YMCA of Jackson Township. He is a single dad of 2 beautiful kids.

Scott was diagnosed with OCD over 20 years ago, however he knew something was different about himself from the early age of 6. From the age of 6 to when he was diagnosed, he felt the loneliness of trying to hide his behaviors for fear of what people would say or how they would treat him. What Scott realized years later, he was being held captive by the stigma of mental illness. OCD has shaped and defined who he is as a person, and he wants to help those that struggle with mental illness. On top of his own struggles, Scott’s father was also diagnosed with Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which have included thoughts of suicide and several hospitalizations. Scott has been touched deeply by watching what being a suicide loss survivor really means. Watching Shannon navigate through her own journey has helped him recognize the struggles nobody really even thinks about, even many years later, but is in awe of the strength and healing that can take place. Supporting someone with a mental illness or a suicide loss survivor is no easy task. It’s difficult not having any magic words or solutions, but has learned that just coming alongside those struggling, means more than any words could say. He wants to support others who are supporting survivors. Scott’s “mantra” if you will, is to love others where they are. Meaning on any given day, no matter what, the support and love is unconditional. Scott is looking forward to working with such amazing people on the Light After Loss team and super excited to love others on their journey.
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Headshot of Scott Hajba Light After Loss Board Treasurer

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