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Missy Reed

Missy Reed

Missy Reed obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and holds two Associates; one in Real Estate and another in Paralegal. Missy has experience in sales, finance and marketing. With Missy’s education and work experiences she held a Vice President position for a large area bank. When speaking with Missy you will quickly see her smile and positive outlook on life. What you don’t see or may not even know is her many years of undiagnosed Bipolar, ADHD and PTSD. Missy wasn’t diagnosed until much later in life. Missy will tell you, she “owns her illness.” Missy always knew she thought differently than other people. She learned at a very young age how to blend in with everyone. Missy only showed the side everyone wanted to see verses the dark daily place she lived inside. Missy has been living in recovery since 2008. Missy is married to her much loved and bestfriend..her husband Rob and they have been together for over 35 years. She is also a very proud mom to her daughter Brittany and loves being “Grammy” to her grand-daughter Maddie. Missy gave up the corporate life on the recommendation from her husband back in 2013.

In 2014 Missy’s daughter came to her suggesting she take a Peer to Peer class. Missy says by week 3 she was all in. It was through NAMI in 2015 Missy met Shannon Ortiz. There was an instant connect made. Missy stayed in contact with Shannon, even after Shannon left NAMI. Missy volunteers and does public speaking regarding her personal journey – in hopes her journey helps others so they might not have to walk the same path she walked before recovery. Missy understands both sides to the suicide coin.

Missy has lost a bestfriend, a family member and Missy attempted twice. Missy believes working and/or volunteering has played a significant part in her recovery. This continues Missy’s sense of purpose. Missy says with both of her experiences of attempting suicide…It wasn’t necessarily that she wanted to die. But that she didn’t want to continue living with the amount of darkness/pain she was living with. Understanding fully that this darkness and pain no one could see. Missy says for her she started feeling like there was no other options. Missy believed her much loved family would be better off without her.. Missy understands now this was not true. Missy has since her recovery helped numerous individuals to understand their personal journeys and to open up about their experience but hopefully not have an attempt…Maybe even saving a life! Missy knows of the shame and unspoken secrets. Saving a life is worth any shame or embarrassment. Missy has found a new purpose in life! She is also living proof that things can be different.

Missy has affiliations and training with the following: QPR – Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper, Certified Peer Support Specialist, Certified Adult Mental Health First Aid Facilator, NAMI member, Past NAMI Stark County First Vice President Board Member, Past NAMI Walk Committee member, NAMI OHIO member, INAPS (interNational Association of Peer Supporters) member, STARR Coalition, National Council for Behavioral Health and STARKMHAR Suicide Prevention Coalition.

Missy believes being a bright spot to someone’s otherwise dark day, even by walking beside them, even without words can and does make a difference. Missy says, “Be the kindness, Be the light, Be the understanding and Show the unconditional love…As we do not know the troubles nor the darkness/pain someone’s going through.”

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